Updating your apps might appear very hectic. But this time updating your WhatsApp is worth every byte of your Data! This is Jay from CodeSquad and I am back with another article, this time on WhatsApp’s game changing feature. Read ahead to find out.

So, What Is WhatsApp’s New Update?

When we start talking about messengers, WhatsApp is the one that comes into your mind. This is so because of the standards it has set. The reason why lots of people love to use WhatsApp and slowly adopting it is that the app is constantly being updated to be with the trends and demands of the people.

From the past few months, we have seen the new and amazing features introduced by the WhatsApp. Over the last few weeks, we have introduced some of its new features and even a few tips on how to get the most out of it.

The new beta version of this messenger for Android includes a test of a system paid by the instant messaging application, as pointed out by the portal “WaBetaInfo”.

The new feature is a preview of a future function with the intention of being part of the smartphone payments boom. Other companies like the tech giant Google have recently launched their own payment systems, such as the landing of Android Pay in the case of the search engine or Samsung Pay.

Version 2.17.295 is for the company “the immediate bank to the bank transfer with UPI (Unified Payments Interface)”, thus informed the official section of payments of WhatsApp for Android. They have also reported that it is still hidden and in the development phase.

This New Update is truly going to hurt other payment apps like Samsung Pay and PayTm itself as WhatsApp is a widely used app.

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