Youtube is one of the most popular online video service where users can watch their favorite videos like popular music video, unboxing videos, review videos, prank videos etc. But youtube is also used in educational purpose by many users who watch Tutorial videos to learn something new. And some geeks use youtube to learn Ethical Hacking. There are many different channels to learn Ethical Hacking. So to help you with that we have listed the Top 5 best youtube channels to learn Ethical Hacking.



With 33,531 subscribers and 1,529,328 views, Justprogramming is one of the best channel to learn Ethical Hacking. This channel contains tutorial videos on many programming languages. But this channel has been terminated because of copyright issues. You can still watch its videos on youtube on other channels.


Open Security Training:

Open Security Training gives you a brief intro to ARM, Reverse Engineering malware, and many more advance programs. It contains tutorial videos from Experts and with 22,661 subscribers and 925,958 views this channel is one of the best Ethical hacking tutorial channel in India. But this channel is also inactive from last one year.



Put together by a band of IT ninjas, security professionals and hardcore gamers, Hak5 isn’t your typical tech show. We take on hacking in the old-school sense. Trust your Technolust! This is what Hak5’s Description says. With 346,466 subscribers and 34,247,032 views Hak5 is an active channel on youtube which teaches its subscribers Ethical Hacking in Old-school sense. 



With 1,628,772 subscribers and 340,984,741 views,  thenewboston is surely a top hacking tutorial channel with mind blowing videos. This channel teaches you all the different computer languages in easy way. From basic C programing to Java game development, it have a treasure of collection. 



Dedsec is all about Hacking. The videos are from basic linux installation to serious hacking, Dedsec teaches its subscribers every single trick available from phishing to SQL attack. With 27,657 subscribers and 1,320,935 views this channel is also in the list of top youtube channels to learn ethical hacking.


So friends, here are the top Youtube channels to learn Ethical Hacking.

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