Hello, everyone, this is Ajay Choudhary from CodeSquad, today I bring you the top 5 best apps you can download right now on your Android smartphone so let’s start. We have hand-picked these apps on the basis of their functionality, usage and how unique these apps are. some of them are very useful and will come handy especially for this new year and as usual, we’re going to showcase them in random order.


Wall Roach

We have a wonderful new wallpaper app wall Roach. Wall Roach gives you access to thousand plus HD quality images and wallpaper the app features some of the unique 4k and 2k Ultra HD wallpaper and background that are really difficult to find somewhere else. In the app, you have three section which are editor’s choice, all and the category section. In the categories, we have the landscape, cars, superheroes, City wallpaper and much more. You can also swipe down to shuffle and see the fresh wallpaper every time. So overall it’s a wonderful wallpaper app and right now the paid version of the app is for Rs50/-



Autotiles quick settings automation is a wonderful app by which you can easily and quickly automate a task via tile on your notification page. The app lets you create edit and remove custom tiles with a set of action for its active State and then another set of action for its inactive State. The app only works with the phones which are running on the Android nougat and above. You can give custom labels and names to the tiles you have created. And there is over 900 plus icon to choose from.


Touch controls for YouTube

The next app we have in our list is the touch controls for YouTube. As the name suggests this app gives you the option of touch control for YouTube something similar to the VLC gesture-based brightness and volume controls. In the free version you only have the volume option but if you buy the premium version you can have the brightness option as well. Apart from the brightness option, the premium version allows you to set a few more actions such as tap action, double tap action and much more so overall it’s a nice handy app for people who watch YouTube and it will be really helpful in cases where the volume buttons are broken.



Bucket helps you to reach your saving goal faster and easier. So with the New Year we all have some goals and plans to achieve this year and with the help of this app, you can create goals with or without a money goal. So whenever you have extra money you can assign it towards the goal you have created and register it on the app that you made a payment for it. The app also lets you check the progress for every goal and see how much money you have to save to reach the goal. Overall it’s a nice app to have it on your phone and the layout of the app is really good.



If you like to keep your home screen clean but want to have the access to your favorite app right from the home screen then this is the app for you. With this app, you can place a widget on your screen with a number one and two and you can assign the shortcut for these numbers. You can assign a shortcut for up to six apps by this widget. You have the option to choose from 1, 2, 11, 22, 12 and 21 so overall it’s a nice little handy widget to have on your phone so do check it out.


So guys here are the top 5 best apps for your android smartphone. Comment down your opinion on these apps and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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