Hey there! This is Jay from CodeSquad. Today I am going to show you how you can keep your kitty intact and heavy by making free calls from anywhere to anywhere. Some extra money in your wallet can help you pay your bills or your ward’s tuition fees. But always, money saved is money earned.

Depending on the service you use, you can make free calls via your computer, smartphone or even your landline. Here are some of the choices you may make to avail the benefits of free calling:

Smartphone medium: If you have a smartphone with web access, there are Apps you may use to make free calls. An excellent example is WhatsCall. This is a must have if you have free time.  It gives away free credits for clicking Google ads in the app. Use these credits to make international calls without spending a dime!

Computer medium: Needless to say, if your computer has Skype, you can always make free Video Calls. There is software like TeamViewer which allows you to control a remote desktop and chat simultaneously.

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Tablet/Computer to Phone: You can always use a Tablet/Computer to make free calls to a Phone using the same service.

How do free calls work?

Free web calls are directed by a set of instructions called the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). A protocol is a set of rules that a device must follow to establish a secure, trustworthy and meaningful connection with another device. All the web programs and services use this Protocol to transfer information in the voice format over the Internet.

A word of caution (3G and 4G data calls)

free calls

If you use the above-mentioned services on a free WiFi, you won’t have to spend there. But if you use it on 3G or 4G mobile data, additional data charges WILL, MUST AND SHOULD apply. Use these services on a WiFi configured to work on an unlimited connection plan.

Do not use Skype for calls to personal phones.

Use an app called WhatsCall which is completely free with perfect and quality calls. On the other hand, using Skype will cost you some money. Look for other options like WhatsApp too!

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