Make Computer Faster

well it happens with everyone, you buy a brand new computer for some days it works awesome without any problem but after some days your computer becomes slow, so today I will tell some tips to make Computer Faster for free. so without any further due let’s get started.

Make Computer Faster

  • Clean Out Start up Programs.

This is got to be one of the main reason to your computer be slow down. As your computer boots up many unnecessary programs also start with it. so the first thing you have to do to make your computer faster is to disable unnecessary programs that you think are not that important for you. As time passes you start installing new programs and many of them also get started with windows. so make sure you disable it. You can do it by pressing Ctrl + Shift+ Esc. Then go to start up the tab to see all the programs that are going to start up with windows.

  • Scanning for Viruses.

If your computer is running slow for no apparent reason it is possible that there are viruses on your computer. Viruses can do many things like using your computer for large attacks. this leads to slow down your computer. so make sure you have antivirus on your computer. Now there are two options paid and free once. so I will recommend you to go with paid once. cause free one will not provide many features in it.

  • Keep all your Softwares Up to date.

This includes all types of things like windows update, graphic drivers, or anything that you are using mostly. These companies are frequently releasing new updates that optimise performance as well as it will help to improve security.

If your pc is still slow then you can try to format your hard disk and reinstall your windows. So, guys, this is some tips that can help you to Make Make Computer Faster. Keep on visiting code squad for latest news and tutorials.

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