Logic X Pro X 10.3
Logic X Pro X 10.3

Apple introduced a new update to Logic X Pro to support the new MacBook. Apart from the support alone to the latest laptops, the update contains new features that make the experience of using the software to a new level. Here is the review of the Logic X Pro 10.3.

The Interface

The interface is the obvious change. The layout received a complete overhaul and is now more attractive than before. Apple listened to the users and made it lighter to bringing pleasing sessions. The changes are visible on the latest screens. For those who are running it on older Mac’s, the changes can be indifferent.

Additionally, users can opt for beginner’s mode and advanced mode. As the features present in both the styles change accordingly, it becomes easy to start a session quickly.


The Touch Bar Support

Apple introduced support to the Touch Bar into the software in a straightforward manner. Users can place the bar according to the requirement, and use it to gain access to Smart Controls or select instruments such as drums and piano. The scale mode provided within the Touch Bar allows a user to control the selected software instrument.


Selection-Based Processing

Apart from revising the Fade Tool, Apple introduced Selection-Based Processing feature. With the help of this, a user can apply combinations or effects to particular part of a track or multiple regions rather than the entire track. The feature is useful for vocal tracks. It helps in bringing out more creativity for the user and utilizes several effects uniquely provided by the software.


Track Alternatives

Composition and production are the two most frustrating activities, as it is possible to arrange a song in different ways. The pain is keeping the various tracks in different locations so as not to mix them up. To deal with the situation, Apple included the Track Alternatives feature. With the assistance of the feature, it is possible for a user to compose multiple arrangements from the same track. You can keep on changing from one version to another without the necessity to alter the main release. Once the required output is ready, you can save the modified version and keep the original track safe.


GarageBand Integration

If podcasting is what one is expecting from Logic X Pro, then they are sure to love the way it works. It is not possible for users to share a project created in Logic X Pro and access the same on GarageBand functioning on iOS. Logic flattens the track to create a single entity, leaving plenty of space to add additional changes in GarageBand. You can open the project on Mac again, and users will find the project in an unflattened manner, with everything placed at the right position. Now, Garageband for pc is also an availability, if you want to install it on windows.



Apple did significant changes to the Logic X Pro 10.3 version, giving users the required boost that they were expecting from the developer.


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