Hello guys, welcome to codes quad. Today I am going to tell you Top 5 ways to hack Facebook. And I will also tell you how to protect yourself from this kind of attacks.

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Top 5 Ways to Hack Facebook.


  • Phishing- This is a most used technique in the world. Cause it’s simple and easy to use. Hacker creates a fake page similar to Facebook and tells the user to login on fake page. A normal user can’t identify whether it is a fake page or original page. As he login on that fake page, all user data like email or phone no and password is sent to the hacker.

How to be safe: Check the link of the website. Avoid emails that ask you to log in your details.


  • Keylogger– In this technique, the hacker creates a malicious software that captures victim’s keystrokes. What ever the user types on his keyboard all keystrokes are recorded and then send to the hacker. He can send that software by any means like embed it into any original software or game or anything.

How you can be safe: Don’t download cracked software from any untrusted websites. Check whether the publisher of software is original or not.

  • Social engineering– If you are using simple passwords like ‘password’ or ‘1234567890’ or your Date of birth or phone no a good hacker can easily hack such password.

How to be safe: Use a complex combination of words, don’t use a simple password. Create a strong password like Cod3S1uaD!0 something like this.

  • Hacking WIFI network– Another great way that hackers use to hack your Facebook is hacking your home network. If he hacked your home network he can easily hijack to all your traffic easily. Like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to be safe: Same in this case don’t use a weak password for your home network. Avoid using name or phone no as your passwords.

  • Mobile Phone Hacking– Most of the Facebook users use their Facebook account from Mobile phones. So, if a hacker gets access to users Mobile Phone he can also get access to his Social accounts. Using spy apps. He can install any spy app and then he can check all your information.

How to be safe: Don’t Install any app from the unknown developer it can be a spy app.


So, guys, this is some of the ways to hack Facebook account. I hope you got a rough idea about it.

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