Hello guys, welcome back to Codesquad. You know that your Social Media exposure depends on how your profile is ranked by your media platform. It mainly depends on the number of likes, followers your profile has. The problem is if you don’t have enough followers on your Instagram profile then your profile will be displayed to a fewer number of people thus limiting your chances to acquire new likes and followers. What to do? Can you break out of this circle? YES, you can get more Instagram followers and the best thing is you can get it free. So without any more delays let’s get started and see how to get more Instagram followers for free.

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How to get more Instagram followers for free

  1. First of all, create an account on traffup. You will immediately receive 100 bonus points if you Follow this link. You will receive an email with the link to confirm your sign up.
  2. After confirming your email, You will be asked to fill out the short profile and your website address and that is basically it.
  3. Now after completing filling your details, click on the Instagram tab.
  4.  Enter your Instagram profile details and you are all set.

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What else can you get with TraffUp?

Traffup is not only about Instagram followers. As you will notice there are six clickable tabs;

  • Websites– where you can add your websites you want to be visited;
  • Twitter– you use this tab to get new followers;
  • Retweets– used to get free retweets of your tweets;
  • Facebook– used to get likes to your Facebook page;
  • Instagram– to get new followers and likes on Instagram.
  • Youtube- this tab is used for more views and subscribers on your youtube channel.

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Traffup is a very useful site to get Social Media exposure.

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