There are over 3 million apps on Google play store, and over 500 billion downloads. And we have already Installed some of the most popular apps without knowing that they might harm our smartphone.

Yes, There are many Apps on Play store which shows themselves as user-friendly, but they might track your locations or might contain malware or adware. Today I will be showing you all some of the popular apps which You should never Install on your Android device.

  • Clean Master

This is one of the most popular Android application with 600 million clients and 26 million five-star audits. Even some of you might have Installed this app in your device. Clean Master is developed by cheetah mobile, this organization is eminent for pressing promotions, bloatware, and pester screens into their applications. Also, it doesn’t do anything helpful. It just kills your recent apps which are harmful to your Android device as I mentioned it in my earlier article. So better uninstall this app right now and let your smartphone do its own work.

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  • Dolphin web browser

With over 150 million downloads, Dolphin web browser is one of the most used browser on play store. But you all might be unaware of some facts that Dolphin web browser saves your incognito mode website visits in a file on your device. Try not to trust the build up; erase it now.


  • DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge

A popular “Battery-saver” app with an amazing number of downloads, It has 7.6 million five-star reviews. But all there 7.6 million people are wrong. “Fast charge!” Seriously!!! An app does not have the ability to speed up charging in your smartphone. It only shows you ads to make money and as I said earlier, Battery savers only kill your recent apps. Also, all those fancy speed graphs and cool animations? Totally fake.

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  • ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer probably the most popular file explorer app out there. That’s because it used to be really, really good But five years ago. The free version of ES File Explorer is full of ads and bloatware. And it endlessly nags you to download additional apps via non-disable-able notification bar pop-ups. Isn’t that irritating?


So guys comment down your thoughts on these apps and tell us better alternatives of these apps. And don’t forget to share this articles with your friends and family.

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