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Top 5 Best Apps for Android 2018

Hello, everyone, this is Ajay Choudhary from CodeSquad, today I bring you the top 5 best apps you can download right now on your Android smartphone so let's start. We have...
NetEnt make transition to HTML5

NetEnt make transition to HTML5

Do you play games? I mean casino, poker-like games? Then, you must have heard about the company NetEnt. It one of the best company for online gaming solution. Now the company...
Logic X Pro X 10.3

Apple Introduced New Features to Logic X Pro 10.3

Apple introduced a new update to Logic X Pro to support the new MacBook. Apart from the support alone to the latest laptops, the update contains new features that make the...

Do Not Install These Popular Android Apps

There are over 3 million apps on Google play store, and over 500 billion downloads. And we have already Installed some of the most popular apps without knowing that they might...

BREAKING NEWS : Apple’s New iPhone could be named iPhone X, Not iPhone 8!

We all have been eager for the date - 12th September for the launch of the new iPhone in the series. However, many sources suggest that the new iPhone would be...
Clash Of Clans Private Server

How To Setup Your Own Clash Of Clans Private Server

Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai. Its games are available for tablets and smartphones using both Apple’s iOS...
Make Computer Faster

How to Make Computer Faster for free

well it happens with everyone, you buy a brand new computer for some days it works awesome without any problem but after some days your computer becomes slow, so today I...

Top 5 ways to Hack Facebook account

Hello guys, welcome to codes quad. Today I am going to tell you Top 5 ways to hack Facebook. And I will also tell you how to protect yourself from this...

How to get more Instagram followers for free

Hello guys, welcome back to Codesquad. You know that your Social Media exposure depends on how your profile is ranked by your media platform. It mainly depends on the number of likes,...
How to Become a Certified Ethical hacker

How to Become a Certified Ethical hacker

Ethical hacking. A person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data is known as a hacker. What is Ethical Hacking? How to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker? Do you think...

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