Google released the final beta of Android O to developers on 24 July 2017. There are no major changes in the release, so we anticipate a release at some point in August. Beta version is available, the focus here is on making sure that developers can test their apps before the final version rolls out to users.

The new version of Android comes with a better notifications support across the OS, picture-in-picture support, autofill and many more features. New features are also available to optimize your phone’s battery. Android developers should probably test their apps on Android O as soon as possible. To do so, they also should update to the latest version of Android Studio, Google’s IDE for writing Android apps.

So now the question is can a normal user install Android O in his/her smartphone?

The answer is yes, But Android O Beta is currently only available for the Google devices. It’s supported on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Google Pixel, Pixel C and Pixel XL. If you have an eligible device, you can load Android O on it.

How to download Android O on smartphone?

To download Android O just enrol yourself in the Android Beta programme.

Google introduced the Android Beta program last year, which allowed users to preview the latest version of Android before it was officially released. If you have a compatible smartphone, then just head over to the Android Beta website and log in with the Google account on your device. You’ll see the model of your smartphone, and get an option to Enrol into the Android Beta Programme.

Once you have enrolled yourself, Google will send an OTA update to download Android O on your device. If you are a Google Nexus 5X or a Nexus 6P user, after the update is downloaded, the phone will restart to install the update. If you are a Google Pixel or a Pixel XL user, you’ll get to see seamless updates in action as the device installs the update while it’s on. Once the installation it complete, the device will prompt you to restart to boot Android O.

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Are there any risks in installing Android O Beta?

-Android O is currently in beta state, so there will be tons of bugs and app crashes. Your existing apps may not work with Android O. It would certainly not be advisable to try and install it on your primary device.

Will installing Android O Beta wipe my phone’s data?

-No, If you are enrolling into the Android Beta Programme your data is safe. Google sends an OTA to the device which allows it to keep the user data even after the update. But still we highly recommend you to take a complete backup, just to be safe.

What are the new features in Android O?

-Google has introduced features like picture-in-picture, autofill with Google, smart text selection and notification dots in its new android OS. It also have features like smart text selection, the phone is context aware, so if you select a phone number, it’ll give you the option to call it; if you tap on an address, you’ll be able to get directions instead.

Can I roll back to Android Nougat after installing Android O Beta?

-Yes, you can roll back to Android Nougat. You’ll need to visit the Android Beta website, sign into your account, and then click on Unenrol your device. You will be unenrolled from the Android Beta Programme, and you will receive an Android Nougat update on your phone. When you unenroll from the Android Beta Programme, all your user data will be wiped from the device. We highly recommend making a backup before unenrolling.

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